What can you vote for during the water board elections?

Water board elections are held every four years, inviting you to choose the board of ‘your’ water board: Hoogheemraadschap van Delfland.

It does not matter which party will eventually win the elections. Whichever way, our dikes require maintenance, our wastewater needs purification. These tasks are a matter of fact to each party joining the water board elections. The question, however, is this: how to proceed.

Impacting water choices

By casting your vote, you get to impact the choices the water board will make, eventually. For example, do you think that nature should be more pivotal in water projects? Would you like us to invest as much as possible in solutions to reduce the consequences of droughts or floodings? Would you prefer us to develop innovative ways to purify wastewater, for example by recovering raw materials and energy from the water cycle? Or do you care about how we spend your tax money on resources that make us entirely energy-neutral? During the water board elections, you are kindly invited to let us know what matters to you most.