Here’s why you should speak your mind during the water authority elections...

The Dutch have a unique relationship with water. We’ve been surrounded by water for centuries, bearing in mind the risks involved, seizing each and every opportunity water represents.

The water around us affects each and every one of us. It means that the work of the water authorities affects you too. The water authorities, and the Delfland Water Authority in your area, make choices about how the Netherlands is dealing with your water.

Proper water management is key

Delfland provides e.g. strong dikes, dunes, and quays, ensuring clean, healthy, and living water in ditches, waterways, and canals. We should never take this for granted. You live, work, and recreate in a densely populated area (with 1.2 million inhabitants and 40,000 businesses), existing at least 50% below sea level: proper water management is key in your region. Particularly now, with global warming prompting us never to take mother nature for granted.

Voting for water

The choices that we make today as a water authority impact the future of the water in your immediate vicinity. To decide on what we get to spend your tax money on, we want to know what is important to you. By speaking your mind on Wednesday, March 15th, 2023, during the water authority elections, you get to tell the new board of the Delfland Water Authority how you see the future of our water. This is how we determine the future of our water together.